Page 6 - Dalbeattie High School Handbook 2018
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Objective 1: We will raise attainment in all        2.2 Invest in creating schools fit for the 21st
children and young people to improve                    century which are at the heart of our
their life chances.                                     communities.

1.1 Raise ambition and attainment, in               2.3 Support children to be healthy and
    particular to address inequalities.                 active.

1.2 Meet the needs of all children through          2.4 Use evidence to develop policy and
    a coherent curriculum and through our               plan for the future as we shape our
    approaches to curricular design,                    integrated services for children and
    planning, learning, teaching,                       young people.
    assessment and self-evaluation.
                                                    Objective 3: We will promote and support
1.3 Provide the widest possible                     a culture of empowerment, collaboration
    opportunities, to develop all children          and creativity.
    and young people to their fullest
    potential, through early learning and           3.1 Build the skills and capacities of all our
    childcare, broad general education,                 staff.
    senior phase and learning life and
    work.                                           3.2 Develop our self-evaluation to ensure
                                                        consistent high ambition and positive
Objective 2: We will improve the way we                 impact on all young people.
work with parents and partners.
                                                    3.3 Develop leadership at all levels, as a
2.1 Ensure early intervention, in particular to         learning organisation.
    keep our region’s most vulnerable
    children safe.                                  3.4 Create systems which deliver increased
                                                        devolved management of resources for
                                                        schools and clusters.

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