Page 5 - Dalbeattie High School Handbook 2018
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                                                               In promoting our values, we aim to enable
                                                               each individual to take their place in a
                                                               rapidly changing world and to become
                                                               citizens who have respect for self, others,
                                                               their community and the environment.

This handbook is designed for you to find                      We have a lot to offer the young people in
information which will prove both useful                       both the Curricular and in the Extra-
and helpful as your young person transfers                     Curricular life of the School. All staff value
and progresses through their secondary                         your involvement in your young person’s
schooling.                                                     education. Working in partnership will help
                                                               us to offer the very best opportunities and,
The aims and values of Dalbeattie High                         in turn, will allow our young people to grow
School are outlined in this handbook and                       and flourish into fine young adults giving
in reading these, I hope you will gain a                       them experiences and memories that are
sense of what is extremely important to us                     both rewarding and fulfilling. I look forward
in our School Community.                                       to working with you to achieve this
                                                               ambitious goal.

                                                               Derek Brockett

                                                               Head Teacher

The Dalbeattie High School crest was
designed by a former headteacher, John
Prentiss. Mr Prentiss served the school for 12
years, between 1958 and 1970.

The tree – a silver birch – symbolises the
meaning of the town’s name: ”Valley of the
Birches”. The background represents sea, in
recognition of Dalbeattie’s past, as a port.
The black eagle is a reference to both the
town’s crest and the crest of the Maxwell
family, whose estate was in the Dalbeattie

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