Page 4 - Dalbeattie High School Handbook 2018
P. 4


Dear Parents
Dumfries and Galloway Education Services is committed to
delivering a high quality education for your children. As part of
Dumfries and Galloway Council’s overall vision we aim to provide
all children and young people with a good start in life and prepare
them for adulthood and employment. Education Services cannot
deliver this alone for children and young people but work together
with others and, as parents, you are one of our key partners. The
research tells us that when parents are involved in their child’s
education the child will do better. The school handbook is one of
the ways in which we inform parents, not just about how the
school works, but also about how you can help us help your children to succeed in
school and life. It gives me pleasure as Head of Education to commend this handbook to
you as an invaluable source of information about your school and Education Services.
Yours sincerely
Gillian Brydson
Head of Education

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